Ever since Guerilla Speakerz scored a global underground hit with their first solo release “Holla” on NYC imprint Trouble & Bass, they have been a force to be reckoned with in the highly competitive talent breeding ground that is the Netherlands. The self-proclaimed Asian DJ Boyband Duo has kept their love for all things energetic and grimy alive, by putting out songs that capture the essence of what a crazy party should be like. Without having to stick to the confines of a genre or a bpm. This open mindset has gained them support from heavy hitters such as DJ Shadow, Baauer and Diplo, as well as being played regularly on influential radiostations like Rinse FM and BBC Radio 1. To show the world they mean business, they also started their own label Doggtown. where they were joined by likeminded souls GANZ, Boeboe, BeauDamian and Subp Yao.